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Welcome to the Decolonial Centre, a project of the Pluto Educational Trust. We are a political education platform committed to spreading anti-colonial and decolonial perspectives on history, social theory, and current affairs. At the Decolonial Centre, our mission is to champion anti-colonialism, promote decolonial thinking, advocate for social justice, and inspire collective action towards decolonization. We strive to create spaces where critical-minded individuals, like yourself, can engage in meaningful dialogue, critically examine power structures, and explore pathways for decolonial liberation. This isn’t education for education’s sake. We ask you not only to use our resources to interpret the world, but to also change it. 

The centre aims to make anti-colonial and decolonial thought accessible through various mediums including short-form and long-form content, reels, video essays, and podcast interviews. We also work to infuse anti-colonial perspectives in social movements — and collaborate with a wide variety of partners in the feminist, climate justice, gender justice, racial justice, tax justice, reparatory justice, and migrant justice sectors. We give talks, provide workshops, and act as a political education arm for movements interested in anticolonial and decolonial thought and practice. We’ve already built partnerships with like-minded friends such as Migrants Rights Network, Global Justice Now, and the London Mining Network. 

The resources we offer include the decolonial encyclopedia, and our decolonial dialogues podcast. With the encyclopaedia, you can learn about decolonial and anticolonial concepts, ideas, and histories. Decolonial dialogues is an up-and-coming podcast on anticolonial and decolonial thought. However, the bulk of our political education material can be found on our social media channels, especially our YouTube and Instagram pages, where we produce video content on all things decolonisation. So make sure to follow us there. 

Don’t forget to join our newsletter so you can stay informed about our work. 

Bringing Back the Spirit of Unity:
There was a time when anti-colonialism brought people together, transcending borders and ideologies, to fight for the independence of nations from European colonialism. Even before that, indigenous peoples and slaves resisted the domination of their labour, the expropriation of land, and the ways in which they were forcefully delinked from their ancestral practices and biosphere. At the Decolonial Centre, we are inspired by that spirit of unity among colonised peoples’ and their friends. We invite all peoples’ to fight for a fully decolonised world. By fostering solidarity and collaboration, we aim to amplify the powerful movements at the forefront of challenging and dismantling the enduring legacies of colonialism today. 


What We Do
Through a range of projects and initiatives, we address both historical and contemporary aspects of colonialism. Our initiatives include:
The Decolonial Encyclopedia:
With the Decolonial Encyclopedia we aim to provide a go-to place for anybody seeking to get a comprehensive grasp on anti-colonial and decolonial concepts, histories, and movements. The entries themselves should be around 500-1,200 words and aim to be accessible to a non-academic audience. You can explore the themes below
Decolonial Dialogues Podcast:
Tune in to our podcast, where diverse voices of decolonial scholars, activists, and intellectuals share thought-provoking conversations, interviews, and analysis. Through these discussions, we aim to raise awareness about ongoing struggles against colonialism.
Community Engagement:
We collaborate with communities, organizations, and grassroots movements and aim to use our digital platform to support their anti-colonial and decolonial initiatives. If you want to get involved, contact us on
Join Us:
We invite critical-minded individuals, driven by the passion for anti-colonialism and decolonization, to engage with the Decolonial Centre. Let's decolonise together.
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