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The DcC meets with Global Justice Now Youth in Scotland

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On October 26, 2023, the ECCI Conference Room was abuzz with energy as students gathered to hear about the relationship between decolonisation and the global economy. The event commenced with an icebreaker activity, encouraging participants to interact with one another and find common ground. This helped create a sense of camaraderie among attendees who were primarily students from Edinburgh University new to Global Justice Now.

Hareem from Global Justice Now took the stage next, introducing not only the organization but also each speaker who would shed light on different aspects of decolonization and climate justice. Their combined expertise provided a comprehensive understanding for those present.

Hareem leading the icebreaker event at Edinburgh University. 
Photo Credits: Sophie Burgess

Decolonial Centre Decolonizing the Global Economy

Mohammed Elnaiem, representing The Decolonial Centre, aimed to discuss the history of colonialism but decided instead, given the urgency of the situation in Palestine, to talk about the political economy of the occupation. He described how colonial domination shaped the economic life of every Palestinian — and relied on reports from UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and Israeli NGO Bt’selem, to describe how economic power was wielded to keep the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza under colonial domination.

Dorothy Guerrero: Decolonization’s Role in Climate Justice

Dorothy Guerrero from Global Justice Now shifted gears towards exploring climate justice as a decolonial struggle. She highlighted specific examples like ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement), illustrating how global economic injustices are deeply rooted in colonial systems.

Furthermore, Dorothy discussed their successful campaigns for climate reparations and their call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty at an international level. Additionally, she shed light on various initiatives within today’s wider international climate justice movement; showcasing inspiring stories of people actively working towards change.

Hareem leading the icebreaker event at Edinburgh University. 
Photo Credits: Sophie Burgess

 Breakout Discussion Groups
Following these powerful presentations by Mohammed and Dorothy came a crucial juncture where attendees engaged joined breakout discussion groups led by Dottie and Mohammed. This enabled participants to delve deeper into specific topics or raise any questions they had regarding decolonization’s role in climate justice activism.

Ludo’s Closing Remarks: What Lies Ahead?
As Ludo from Global Justice Youth Glasgow took center stage during closing remarks, he focused on introducing attendees to “The Youth Network” itself – its purpose, goals, activities – while emphasizing what steps needed to be taken next after this session concluded.

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